Wagenburg Tuebingen gr

The Tübingen Wagenburg, a mixture of perfectly converted wagons and those still under construction, all shared one goal: we want to live in our wagons!

That's why we organize annual 'Cultural Days' to showcase our way of living and our vision. What was missing was a space to invite guests during the autumn or winter.

We lived on a former military training ground above a historically significant barracks in the south of Tübingen. There were three shooting ranges where killing had been practiced for a long time. And right there, in the middle of the three, was the stage for concerts and other performances.

We had long wanted to use the shooting range on the right, and a window had already been installed at that time. It can be seen on the right.

Kulturtage 1999 gr

Then I installed a new window and a door element and covered everything with wood. A new room had emerged, which we could heat and offered regular events.

It was very popular back then in Tübingen.

Schiessstandkneipe gr