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Hello and welcome to my website. Here, you will find pictures and information about my welding works. Everything has long been sold, given away, or lost.

I'm showing them here to inspire you to have something from the steel fabrication in your home, your business, your bar, or your garden. I would be happy to build it for you.

Allow yourself to be seduced by the presentation of my products and fall in love with one thing or another. The emergency exit is always at the top at stahlspinnerei.

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Here are some more pictures from earlier, when there were no affordable digital cameras for me, and I started the beautiful art of steel construction.

1999 F 04 22 kl
1999 F 04 25 kl
1999 F 04 28 kl
1999 F 04 29 kl
1999 F 04 30 kl
1999 F 05 10 kl
1999 F 05 11 kl
1999 F 05 25 kl
1999 F 05 27 kl
1999 F 06 15 kl
1999 F 06 23 kl
SF-new works