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The Spider Table:

There is an animation and an anecdote for it:

I have been living and working in a Tübinger wagon village since 1996.

Werkstatt 1999

When I returned to the site at night, I was greeted by very agitated fellow residents.

A group of intoxicated young men were roaming around the caravans, shouting and causing fear and uncertainty.

They seemed to be relishing in their apparent power.Still a bit tipsy from the pub, I approached them and explained that there were children living there and their behavior was absolutely disruptive.

The spokesperson started insulting our community, saying things like 'You don't even work.' That's when I invited him and his friends to visit my 'workshop' - the Spider Table was being worked on at the time. The atmosphere changed - they found my work fascinating and asked for business cards. They would have liked to have another beer with me and left peacefully.

To the left was my former workshop. That's where I built all the 'Kellerassel' bar stools, and that's where I was drinking that evening.